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Everyone knows that high octane racing fuel or aviation gas makes their bike perform better than pump gas. The reason is simple. Higher octane fuels have a better combustion ratio than lower octane pump gas. Octane ratings are determined at the refinery and it is impossible to raise one gallon of 92 octane gas to 108 octane by adding a bottle of octane booster to the mix. If you mixed one gallon of 92 octane gas with one gallon of 108 octane gas your octane rating for two gallons of gas would be about 100 at a cost of about $8.00 per gallon.
Amazing Gas Drops will Make Pump Gas Think It's Race Fuel. Amazing Gas Drops is a fuel combustion catalyst that REDUCES pre and post ignition detonation causing a more complete fuel burn at the spark on the power stroke. The results are increased power & performance, faster starts in cold weather, reduced emissions and of course money saved. How much money can you save by using the lowest octane pump gas available while riding like you are running race fuel? Turn Pump Gas Into AMAZING GAS!

One Eye Dropper Of Amazing Gas Drops Is All You Need To Make One Gallon of Low Octane Pump Gas React Like Race Fuel. MMI Press Release


V-Formula Horsepower Stimulant

V-FORMULA Horsepower Stimulant is super concentrated oil additive that increases horsepower three to five percent in every bike Every Time, Guaranteed!

Testing conducted by The Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, Phoenix, AZ. And Dynojet Proves A Full Five Percent Increase In Horsepower In Every Bike, Every Time.
Boost Horsepower a Full 5%  for Only $30

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MMI Press Release


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